What Experts Say On how often should i flip my mattress


Maintaining a mattress is not as easy as it looks. Aside from the materials used for the mattress, one should also consider the frequency or how often should i flip my mattress. Though not all manufacturers inform us about its necessity, this is a great thing to note to increase the mattress’ life span.

Why then is it so important to flip the mattress? Flipping the mattresses aims to even out the pressure on the mattress, preventing depressions and sagging on it. how often should i flip my mattress and the number of people sleeping in it are crucial factors to consider.

Let us find out below how these factors can affect the mattress’ quality, and the frequency with which the flipping or rotation should be done.



Weight and size matters

This note does not aim to discriminate or judge per se. However, one’s weight and the number of people sleeping on the mattress affects its overall quality.

To make things simple, the more people sleep on it, or the heavier a person weighs, the more pressure is placed on the coil springs, affecting their resilience. The act of flipping or rotating the mattress evens out the pressure placed on them, prolonging their usability period.

With pressure evened out on the mattress, it can consequently provide better body support. This keeps your spine in neutral alignment, giving you a more restful sleep.

Frequency of flipping the mattress

Salesmen would at most inform new mattress owners to flip them out at least once a year. This is the minimum requirement they have set, yet a lot of people choose to ignore this simple advice.

However, for mattress makers, flipping the mattress on a quarterly basis (once every three months) or annual basis depends entirely on the bed’s durability. The more durable the bed is, the lesser frequency needed to flip the mattress.

Now that we know about this, isn’t it high time to schedule this one out on your calendars?