Tips to Identify Signs and Symptoms of Addiction


If you have any doubt or instinct that your loved ones are addicted to alcohol or drugs, find out the truth by noticing the various symptoms associated with addiction.

There are a variety of symptoms that unquestionably come with the addiction and are easily noticeable.

Find out the following common signs before you start confronting your friend or family member.

  • Have a close look at the person’s eyes. If you find larger or smaller pupils than usual, it can be a sign of multiple drug abuse. Arizona rehab centers are a perfect place to help the person heal drug addiction.
  • A definite change in appetite or sleep patterns is another sign of routine drug use. Therefore, monitor the pattern of the person over a period of 2-4 weeks.
  • If you find a sudden change in weight gain or weight loss over a period of time, say a month or more, this is another symptom of drug addiction.
  • An unusual odor that you may find on the addicted person’s body, breath or clothes is another typical sign of drug abuse. If the smell persists for weeks that definitely can be a case of drug addiction.
  • The person who is very jolly and friendly in nature may suddenly change. This consistent change in mood or disinterest in his favorite activities can be a sign of drug addiction.
  • An addicted person is in need of money all the time to continue his habit, check for such changes.

The addicted person may try to cover up things, mostly due to shame or fear. However, all these above symptoms can help you identify the addiction and help them heal.