Cabo San Lucas Weather: Chart of the Typical Highs and Lows

Our family loves the tropical feel of Cabo San Lucas weather. There's something magical in the air that just compels you to relax. After a couple of days, you'll remember what it feels like to be a human being and will be reluctant to return to the rat race. This is vacation living at its best.

Mild throughout the year, (except July and August when even the locals hop a plane to someplace else) the humidity is low compared to most tropical vacation spots. This makes Los Cabos the perfect climate for sun bathing, golfing, fishing, yachting, snorkeling, scuba diving or other outdoor activities.

Below you'll find a month by month chart of typical highs and lows. Click here to read today's Cabo San Lucas weather forecast. Use this chart to determine the best time to plan your trip. Consider whether the main purpose of your trip is to go fishing, shop for real estate, partake of the nightlife or just relax by the pool. If you're a fisherman, the tournament months are October and November.

Cabo San Lucas weather
The weather in paradise is lovely! A typical day in Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas Weather

Month High Low
January 72-79 60-65
February 72-75 60-65
March 74-77 60-65
April 79-84 63-67
May 80-85 65-70
June 80-85 67-72
July 87-92 73-79
August 90-95 76-80
September 80-85 76-80
October 85-91 74-79
November 80-85 65-70
December 73-80 65-70

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