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... can save you quite a bit of money on your doctor-prescribed medications. For instance, if you take Ambien occasionally to sleep, you'll save money if you purchase it in Cabo. On a recent trip to Los Cabos, I purchased some Ambien for a friend and got 12 tablets for $70 which my friend said was an excellent price.

Keep in mind that different Cabo San Lucas pharmacies offer different medications. When I was looking to purchase the Ambien for my friend, I went to Amerimed (which is also offers emergency medical treatment in Los Cabos) and saw it for $70. Since I promised my friend, I would buy it at the best possible price, I didn't purchase it right away and went to other pharmacies to check their prices, but many other pharmacies did not carry it.

Although you can purchase many medications from a Cabo San Lucas Mexico pharmacy without a prescription, keep in mind that policies vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and from town to town. For instance, a doctor at the Amerimed Pharmacy told me that he will not sell Ambien to teenagers without a prescription (although adults can buy it without one) because he's aware that many people abuse the drug.

While I could purchase Ambien in a Cabo pharmacy without a prescription, in San Jose del Cabo, a prescription was required.

There are many medications you can purchase at a Cabo San Lucas Mexico pharmacy. Although I can't offer you a comprehensive list (because I don't take any prescription medicines myself), some of the drugs include antibiotics, like Penicillin, Augmentin, Amoxicillin, Cipro, sleeping aids like Ambien and Lunestra, anti-anxiety drugs like Valium, low level painkillers like Vicodin and Tramadol and steroids like Decaduraboln, Blenbuterol, Testosterone, Enanthate, Sustanon 250, Winstrol, Equitoise, Novadex and HCG. Cabo pharmacies also sell Viagra, asthma and allergy medications.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico Pharmacy Tip: Don't buy medications just to buy them. They'll go bad while collecting dust in your medicine cabinet.

If you have sun damage, you can buy Retin-A in a 10% solution (which may be too strong for those with sensitive skin) and a 5% solution. I buy a product called Reacel-A Tretinoina crema which is a 5% solution. You can also buy skin bleaching cream without a prescription. I use Eldoquin Hidroquinona. For skin treatments such as these, I suggest you do price comparisons at several Cabo pharmacies as prices do vary. Generally, I've noticed that those Cabo San Lucas Mexico pharmacies that are located close to the marina, where tourists from cruise ships tend to shop, charge slightly higher prices.

Although Cabo San Lucas does have a Costco, they adhere to U.S. policies and will not sell you medications without a doctor's prescription.

Also, if you wait and get your medications in San Jose del Cabo on your way to the airport, be aware that many pharmacies will not dispense the medications that you can get without a prescription in Cabo San Lucas.

Although you can buy many medications without a prescription in Mexico, make sure you know the laws. Being in possession of controlled substances without a prescription or bringing illegal drugs (such as steroids) across the border into the U.S. is not advisable.

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